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Ebola, a deadly virus with no known vaccine, has plagued the small town of Guinea, West Africa. Officials have noted at least 80 cases and 59 deaths due to the disease. The disease stems from eating “bushmeat,” a delicatessen made from chopped up wild animals. The Ebola outbreak isn’t prone to hit the States. [Daily Beast]

Thousands of birds are now in danger after an oil spill in the Galveston Bay in Texas. On Saturday, a barge collided with a ship, spilling over 4,000 barrels of oil into the bird refuge. Officials are trying to clean up the spill as soon as possible, since the area is an important place for birds during migration season. [KPLCTV]

An Egyptian court has sentenced 529 Morsi supporters to death on charges of inciting murder, violence and destroying public and private property. Only 123 of the defendants were present, while many were released or on the run. The group known as the Muslim Brotherhood were called “terrorists” by the government, while they refer to themselves as a “peaceful movement.” [Huff Post]

Seven people were wounded after what police are calling a drive-by shooting in San Francisco. One witness recalled hearing 18 gunshots in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. All of the injured victims were sent to the hospital and are likely to survive. [Huff Post]

President Obama isn’t playing around. The Commander-In-Chief met with European leaders, assuring them that Russia will pay for its attempts to annex Crimea. Since placing several sanctions on the country, Obama has excluded Russia from the G8 and plans to hold a discussion with Europe on how best to punish Russia. Ukraine troops have left Crimea since the annex was announced last week. [AFP]