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Who’s more famous in Canada: Miley or Avril?

Who actually cares? Not a damn soul, but this video is entertaining. In an effort to deliver a good April Fool’s Day prank, Miley and her friend Avril Lavigne posted a video of them fighting over who is more “popular” in Canada.

The “Adore You” singer posted the video on her Instagram with a caption that reads, “fuk dat Canadian bitch Avril Lavigne.”

Despite being the star of Disney’s Hannah Montana, Miley’s acting is terrible in this video. After the first few seconds, it becomes very apparent it’s fake!

If you’re interested in catching Miley’s antics in living color, purchase tickets to her “Bangerz” tour. You’re guaranteed to see Miley’s tongue (such a given), but there’s also a strong possibility she may spit beer on you or flash her booty. Basically, the “Bangerz” tour is a good time.

Watch Miley and Avril’s “fight” above.