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Authorities have had little luck in locating debris from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, but this weekend the search will go into overdrive, as recovery teams desperately look for signals from the plane’s data recorder before the battery runs out of power. The black box is expected to lose power on Monday, but without any leads on the flight plan or confirmed debris, the job will be extremely difficult. Read about it here…[TIME]

Take that, Republicans! A new HuffPost/YouGov poll shows that Americans aren’t ready to give up on Obamacare just yet. Forty-one percent of Americans in the new poll said they support the health care law, while 50 percent said they were opposed. Read the numbers here…[HuffPost]

On Friday, an Afghan police officer shot two veteran Associated Press journalists in the eastern Khost province. Anja Niedringhaus, 48, an internationally acclaimed German photographer, was killed instantly while she sat in the car with reporter Kathy Gannon. Gannon was wounded twice and is receiving medical attention. She is said to be in stable condition. “Anja and Kathy together have spent years in Afghanistan covering the conflict and the people there. Anja was a vibrant, dynamic journalist well-loved for her insightful photographs, her warm heart and joy for life. We are heartbroken at her loss,” said AP Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll, speaking in New York. Read about it here…[CBS]

A Detroit man who accidentally struck a 10-year-old child with his car was attacked by a mob of people when he got out to help the victim. The 54-year-old driver is in critical condition following the attack. The child is expected to recover from his injuries. Read about it here…[WashPost]