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Following the announcement that Brad Pitt and his production company, Plan B Entertainment, acquired rights to produce a movie based on the infamous Steubenville, Ohio rape case, MailOnline is reporting that the teenage victim wants input.

The victim, who hasn’t been identified to protect her identity, has never spoken publicly about her ordeal with Steubenville High School football stars Ma’lik Richmond and Trenton Mays. But that may all change if she consents to tell her narrative to Pitt.

The Anonymous hacker who brought the rape cover-up scandal to light (and protagonist of the film), Deric Lotstutter, talked to MailOnline exclusively.

“Who better to tell her story than her?  If her lawyer approves it we’re going to make Jane Doe a consultant to the movie.”

“Her best friend told me that she was sitting right next to her when she found out [about the movie] and that she trusts me and thanks me for getting involved.”

Lotstutter also spoke about his own legal troubles. He faces 25 years in prison for his vigilantism, while the convicted rapists were sentenced to 1-2 years.

To the thousands of masked demonstrators who congregated on the steps of Steubenville courthouse as the ‘voice of Jane Doe,’ Lostutter is a hero.

To the FBI Lostutter’s online leaks, videos and posts may well constitute criminal activity that could see Lostutter face more jailtime than the rapists he sought to expose. His Kentucky home was raided by FBI agents in April last year.

The case against me has taken a turn for the negative. I’m awaiting indictment. I’m supposed to hear something mid April, early May.’ He regularly receives death threats and has moved from his home in Winchester to ‘the mountains in east Kentucky.’

He struggles to find employment, he said, because any would-be employer simply googles him and, he said: ‘Deric Lostutter raided by the FBI comes up.’

But, Lostutter insisted, he does not regret his involvement in the case that has, he said, ‘taken over his life.’

He said: ‘It has become my life really but if I hadn’t tried to give Jane Doe a voice then I’d be as bad as the people who stood by and did nothing while the rape was happening.’

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SOURCE: MailOnline | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty