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The search teams that are part of the Malaysian Flight disappearance investigation are now turning their focus onto sounds  that have been picked up in the Indian Ocean by ships. Reports say that the sounds could potentially be coming from the missing plane’s so-called black box. [CNN]

Chris Brown might be in the slammer for longer than his trial runs, as the grand jury may be charging him with a felony for his assault in Washington D.C. last year. Right now, the 24-year-old singer is in police custody while he awaits his trial, but he could get an actual jail sentence after the trial is over. [TMZ]

After much speculation and controversy, DeSean Jackson is officially stating that he is not a gang member. Despite being dumped by the Philadelphia Eagles last week after throwing up alleged gang signs in a viral photo, he told ESPN that the allegations are “wrong and disresepctful”. [ESPN]

Selena Gomez has had her fait share of stalkers. A 911 call was made by her neighbors after they saw a suspicious person jumping a fence to get onto her property. Reports say a man had just jumped her fence last week and was sentenced to 45 days in an L.A county jail, but this new guy appears to be neither a trespasser or a burglar.  [TMZ]


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