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Once the red carpet for the Oscars was rolled up and the awards season came to a close, we were immediately thrust into a downward spiral that can be best described as Lupita withdrawal.

Symptoms include: insomnia accompanied by restless nights of wondering when and where she’d make her next red carpet appearance, mild anxiety over what her next big role would be, and headaches from sorting through event photos and dissecting the clothes worn by anyone else who was not Lupita.

Last week, though, the Oscar-winning actress made her first red carpet appearance since the Academy Awards, but it was her Instagram account that rehabilitated us and helped us rise from rock bottom. It seems like we weren’t the only ones struggling to get by, though–yesterday, she hit one million followers, to which we say, pop out the bubbly-inspired Prada gown because it’s time to celebrate! But if you have yet hop on the follow train, here are eight beauty and style lessons we’ve learned from Lupita’s Instagram (and reasons why you should be following her, too).

1. Coordination is key.

2. Moisturizing is a MUST.

Moisturize! #beautytips #WinterTroubles #Lotion

3. You can never have too many options…

#AwardsSeason. packing the #fundamentals. Me? Overweight baggage? I think not.

4. …Because a good mani can help make your mood.

5. Matching your makeup to your clothes is no longer a ‘don’t’ when it’s done like this.

6. A little lipstick can go a long way…

7. …And so does positivity…

Oh, I look on the bright side of life. #sparkleface @chanelofficial

8. …Because the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body is her smile.

But a beautiful man (and his hat) doesn’t hurt, either.


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