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Mike Epps may be in some serious trouble.

The actor is being accused of punching a woman in the face at an after party for the film premiere of A Haunted House 2. The party was held at Lucky Strike in Downtown L.A. According to TMZ, LAPD sources said a woman filed a report with them claiming that she was punched in the face by Epps and TMZ has the picture of her swollen face.

Police reportedly arrived on the scene to assess the woman’s injuries, but saw no sign that she had been hit. Authorities also approached Epps about the situation, which he denied any involvement in.

While the victim claims she and the comedian were previously romantically involved with one another, the actor is telling a very different story. According to him, the woman is just a hostile fan who became upset when he asked her to respect his privacy.

TMZ reports police are sending the case to the domestic violence division.

So just who is this mystery woman Epps allegedly assaulted? None other than Vine superstar Simone Shepherd, an actress who claims she’s worked with the same ghost writer as Mike. She is also the woman behind one of the funniest Beyonce’s spoofs we’ve seen, Drunk As Fuck.

TMZ reports Shepherd was reportedly invited to the event by the Wayans brothers.

Simone’s rep says she got into a heated debate with Mike’s wife at the A Haunted House 2 premiere. When Mike saw the fight, he separated the two women and, according to Simone, that’s when he punched her. Though police saw no sign of injury, Shepherd says her jaw swelled up like a melon. She took a photo of the injury as proof, which you can see over at TMZ.

Epps has yet to comment on the situation.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, TMZ | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram