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What was your room like when you were a kid?

Wait. Don’t tell us. We’ll tell you.

You probably had a 19-inch Sharp TV (like the one Kanye gave Sway); you had a toy chest, packed with action figures and dolls that were missing limbs; your wallpaper was some kind of navy blue or mustard yellow; there were various magazine clippings all over the wall; and you had a cracked mirror.

Not too impressive.

Fiction is always more impressive than real life. And the stars of our fave shows as a kid didn’t have rooms like we did. Their rooms were off the hook.

This week, for #TBT, we’re going to look at some of the coolest fictional childhood bedrooms from some of our favorite throwback TV shows and movies. (’80s, ’90s babies only, please.)

Check it out in the gallery below.


The 12 Coolest Fictional Bedrooms (PHOTOS)
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