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A 19-year-old Kentucky teenager is dead after cops fatally shot her, claiming she tried to run them over.

Now, dashcam footage of the incident is providing insight into what actually happened in the early Saturday morning hours as Samantha Ramsey left the Hebron, Kentucky party.

According to the Daily Mail:

The 48 minute video released to WLWT shows Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Brockman approaching the car and Ramsey not stopping. The shooting occurred off camera but friends hysterical reactions are clearly shown.

The car is seen leaving the field where the party was held, and the officer fails to stop Ramsey from leaving.

Brockman chases after her on foot – he contends she tried to run him over – and the car ends up only 20 seconds later in a ditch.

The position of the deputy when he fired the shots is not shown, nor are the actual gun shots.

There is no audio in the video.

Ramsey was pronounced dead at the scene. Brockman suffered only a leg injury. Friends and family, naturally, are outraged with the officer’s behavior.

“She lost her life for him jumping on the hood of a young girl’s car,” friend Gunnar Buemi said. “That’s murder! Justice needs to be done about this injustice. We’re all sitting here lighting candles, being quiet when the government is out here shooting. Any other human would have been put in jail for that. He needs to answer for what he did to that family.”

A friend of Ramsey’s, who was in the vehicle during the shooting, also spoke out.

“The cop was in the wrong,” Chelsea Pendleton told the Cincinnati Enquirer. ‘”I was there. I was in the back seat. That was unnecessary force. He had no right to do that. That was dead body weight on the gas pedal after she was shot,” she added.

Authorities, however, refuse to comment on the situation other than to say that the investigation is ongoing. Officer Brockman was placed on administrative leave following the shooting.

You can watch the disturbing video above. Our prayers are with Ramsey’s family at this time.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube