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Today in “Stories From Florida,” we have a man who was charged with a felony for stealing a single donut from Walmart, and a woman who was forced to pay for damage to her apartment because her neighbor’s organs decided to explode everywhere.

We can’t make this stuff up.

Running On Dunkin’

Florida man William Edward Hicks, 36, is in some serious trouble with the law after he stole a $.58 donut from a Fort Walton Beach Walmart.

He was charged with two misdemeanors and a felony after fleeing the store with the sticky treat.

The store’s loss prevention officers reported seeing Hicks take the pastry out of a case before wandering back to the sporting goods section. There they said he opened a laser sight package before putting it back on the shelf, but “not the doughnut,” according to the arrest report.

“Hicks then departed the store through the Garden Department, passing all points of sale with the doughnut.” He was reportedly confronted in the parking lot by the store’s security but defied their orders to go back inside and instead made a run for it.

A short time later, Hicks was arrested in a neighboring parking lot. Still hungry. Read about it here…[NYDailyMail]

“It Ain’t My Fault!”

A Florida woman who lived beneath an elderly lady that died of natural causes is being financially punished for the body’s clean up process.


Here’s what happened to Palm Beach County’s Judy Rodrigo:

The deceased elderly woman, who apparently passed away from natural causes, lived alone with her dogs. After she died, her body went undiscovered for two weeks before a noxious odor began to fill the adjacent units.

After complaints from neighbors, maintenance workers entered the apartment and found that the dogs had eaten her remains, according to Courthouse News.

The undiscovered body went through its normal decaying process and eventually bloated to the point that the gasses inside the corpse built enough pressure that it caused its abdomen to burst. This released gases and fluids, which is what leaked down into Rodrigo’s apartment.

Rodrigo sued State Farm, looking to be reimbursed for the clean up. But this week, a court sided with the insurance company, ruling that it was Rodrigo’s responsibility.

“The plain meaning of the term ‘explosion’ does not include a decomposing body’s cells explosively expanding, causing leakage of bodily fluids,” they court stated, per the New York Post.

The court went on to say that Rodrigo failed to establish that the woman’s corpse was “tantamount to an explosion.”

Um…OK. Read about it here…[Gawker]

PHOTO CREDIT: Police Department