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While we don’t know too much about the mistress of Donald Sterling, we do know one thing: her name is V. Stiviano, and the ‘V’ stands for visor.

OK, so maybe it doesn’t, but ever since the 38-year-old singlehandedly sent the sports world into a tizzy after audio she recorded of her 81-year-old lover leaked, she’s been keeping a (not-so) low profile in the public eye by hiding beneath some head-turning headgear. Because absolutely nothing about a humongous shield of plastic covering your face says, “Hey! Look at me! I’m over here!” Nope, there’s nothing conspicuous about it at all.

Just in case you’ve got something to hide and absolutely, definitely do not want to call attention to yourself, we ad-visor you to take a page out of Vanessa’s playbook.

For just $12.50, you, too, can block the paparazzi and the UV rays in a South Korean sun cap, just like Vanessa’s. It comes in six different colors, and we’re pretty sure she has all of them, because a girl’s gotta have her options, you know?

They’re available on eBay–but you better act fast because they’re going quickly–there’s been a spike in sales ever since she was first seen in one a couple of days ago. Seriously.

Meanwhile, we’ll stick to the old-fashioned way of going incognito: a good ol’ pair of sunglasses.


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