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It’s not too often that we find ourselves wishing to be seventeen years old again. There was nothing exciting about being filled with teenage angst and frustration whilst waiting to turn the big 1-8, and nothing makes us shudder more than all those hideous outfits we wore in our #ThrowbackThursday pictures–what were we thinking?

But luckily for Zendaya, the most fashionable teen on the scene, she won’t have that problem. She’s got more style sense in her pinky finger than most middle-aged adults have in their whole bodies and a wardrobe that’s wise beyond her years. A glance at her latest feature in Flaunt magazine and you’ll see–she’s a fashion force to be reckoned with.

Everything about the singer/actress seems so effortless, from the way she sits pretty in a striped top and patterned pumps to the way she posts up in a silky ensemble that is sexy but not too sexy (lest not forget she’s only 17), she never seems like she’s trying too hard–she just is. And that’s why we love her so much.

See her flawless spread and excerpts from her interview below.

On her new album:

I think mostly just the fact that it’s very personal. I love every song and I definitely feel it’s 100% my style. I wouldn’t do anything if I didn’t think it was 100% me as an artist.

On her lyrics:

Not many of them are too emotional. They’re not like heart-wrenching ballads. I wanted to keep it pretty light, but one of the songs I really like is “Heaven Lost an Angel.” It has an old-school vibe. Originally the song was meant for a guy. I helped them rewrite it for a girl. It’s a big, long pick-up line. I think it’s cool that it’s reverse roles. It’s the girl trying to use all these corny pick-up lines on the guy.

Her advice on overwhelming crushes:

I would say my number one piece of advice is to find something you’re passionate about and make that your priority. Being girls, we think about guys all the time and put them in front of us. Find something that you love so much you don’t have to be distracted. Love is a great thing, as long as you first focus on yourself. 

On her personal style:

Honestly, I don’t. I don’t even think I believe in trends, to be honest! I like being a trendsetter and finding new trends. When it comes to, “What’s the best color this season?” wear whatever color you want! Just because the leaves are changing doesn’t mean you have to!

On being a Disney diva:

I definitely want to stay with the Disney Channel and continue my young fan base. [Disney] came with this idea of this pilot called Super Awesome Katie. We’re changing it. I don’t really look like a Katie! It’s about a normal girl, socially a little awkward. Her parents turn out to be spies and they recruit her on a mission, but she feels like she’s not cut out to be anything special.  It’s more mature than Shake it Up, or any other Disney show. It has a level of maturity but [it’s] also fun.

On her role models:

Honestly role models will always be your parents. They are literally the role models. You learn from their mistakes, the things they teach you, right from wrong. I have a lot of older siblings too and it’s really nice that I have people that are a step between parents, the generation gap.

Be sure to head over to Flaunt for more.

PHOTO CREDIT & SOURCE: Flaunt Magazine

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