One small mistake cost a San Francisco University student his life.

According to the Daily Mail, international business student Stephen Guillermo was shot dead after mistakenly walking into the wrong apartment following a night of drinking with friends.

Guillermo pressed the third floor instead of the fifth floor where he shared an apartment with his brother and sister. After trying to enter what he believed was his apartment, Guillermo was shot and killed by 68-year-old Amis Sidi Kacheapa.

Kachepa, who later surrendered to police and was arrested, reportedly told people in the building that he blamed Guillermo for breaking the knob on the door of his unit.

Police discovered Guillermo’s body in the apartment with the knob missing from its hinges. His brother and close family members are shocked and find it odd that Guillermo was forceful. They claim their brother was very kind and sweet, even when he was intoxicated.

‘He’s not aggressive or violent,’ Mr Guillermo said. ‘He’s a quiet person.’

‘It just doesn’t fit,” said Sharrmaine Guillermo, his sister, adding that her brother did not become hostile when he drank, and she cannot figure out how he would even start some sort of confrontation. ‘Stephen is not the kind of guy who would do that. We’re all confused, we just can’t understand how it could have happened,’ she said.

Police are investigating the incident. Our thoughts and prayers are with Guillermo’s family during this difficult time.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook 

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