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Kevin McCall and Eva Marcille are going through it.

After a recent dispute between the superstar pair, which led to Eva getting a restraining order against her baby’s father, things have continued to go down hill. Eva has gained full custody of their beautiful baby girl, Marley Rae, leaving Kevin with absolutely no visitation rights until next month’s hearing and it looks like not seeing his daughter is getting to him.

He recently shared a photo we’ve never seen of Baby Marley, which he captioned with a bitter message:

….they always try to use my babies against me. That’s the only way to get me. Happy? 🙁

He’s since deleted the photo.

K-Mac, as he is affectionately called by his fans, is the father of another girl who he shows off a lot via Instagram as well.

Along with the news that Eva was awarded full custody, came this statement from her people:

“It is unfortunate that life has thrown a curve into Eva’s life but as a responsible parent and adult she’s taking steps to ensure the safety and well-being of their child and herself.”

We never saw this coming with their tight-knit family. We hope they’re able to resolve the issue soon, for the well-being of Marley Rae.