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Think you got what it takes to beat Hoodie Allen?

The New York-born rapper remakes Adam Sandler‘s comedy, Happy Gilmore, as he competes to win the golfing championship in his latest video, “Show Me What You’re Made Of.”

While taking a group of beautiful ladies for a ride in his golf cart, Hoodie stops at a very unconventional game of golf that has him competing with your typical rich Carlton Banks-type of player played by fellow rapper D-Why. Hoodie, on the other hand, is no Tiger Woods, putting with everything from a cue stick to a hockey stick. You have to watch the video to see who actually wins this epic game of golf.

Hoodie Allen is currently embarking on a Hanging With Hoodie Tour for 500 of his biggest fans at each of its nineteen stops.

Check out the indie artist’s “Show Me What You’re Made Of” video up top and support him by downloading it over at iTunes.

P.S. Can you spot the Tommy Lee cameo?!

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