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Fans know that when Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne get in the studio together, amazing things happen. Despite their joint project I Can’t Feel My Face never releasing in the 2000’s, the Dipset rapper recently talked to VIBE about Weezy inviting him out to L.A. to “get some things done.” For now, Juelz isn’t quite sure what they’re going to be doing together, but he’s definitely eager to see if he and Lil Wayne will collaborate for Tha Carter V. [Miss Info]

It looks like recent reports of Spike Lee directing Eminem‘s music video for “Headlights” are true, since the two star in a teaser video for the visual, which drops on Mother’s Day tomorrow. Speaking on the collaboration, Spike says he “really loves the narrative for what we’ve come up [with] together for ‘Headlights.'” The video for the song, which also features Nate Reuss, was shot on 8 Mile in Detroit, where Eminem grew up. [Rap-Up]

Finally Young Jeezy is ready to come out of hiding and drop a new album! The Snowman dropped his new track “Me OK” yesterday, and is currently gearing up for his 5th studio album, titled Seen It All. He told DJ Greg Street that the album is being called that because “I feel like I been through a lot and I seen a lot and I’m still standing here and I’m still standing tall.” [Miss Info]

YG has some pretty explicit lyrics on his new album My Krazy Life, but no one is more proud of his work than his own mom! The “Bompton” rapper’s own mama made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for his “Words From Your Mother” segment, where she read off some of her son’s explicit lyrics to “Toot It And Boot It.” The proud mommy said of her son, “That’s YG, my little tooter and booter.” [Rap-Up]

It looks like Dr. Dre‘s “first hip-hop billionaire” celebration might have to be cut short. Forbes is speaking out on Apple buying Beats by Dre for $3.2 billion, saying that after getting the cut from his 25% share and taking out taxes, Dre’s net worth would only be $800 million. While that’s still huge, it’s just short of a billion. [TMZ]