It’s no secret Rob Kardashian has gained a considerable amount of weight over the past few years, and unfortunately, when unflattering pictures of him appeared on the ‘net, he began trending on Twitter for being nothing more than being fat.

Between criticisms of his weight gain and accusations of him being a “lazy rich” kid, we know that Rob Kardashian’s weight directly correlates with his mental and spiritual health. It’s obvious Rob is dealing with deeper issues, and we shouldn’t make him feel less than, because it’s apparent he already feels that way.

Unlike other sites, we’re not taunting Rob for his weight gain, because we understand at this point in his life he may not be happy. So instead, we’ve decided to look back at when Rob was happy and of course, a hottie.

Everyone should leave Rob Kardashian alone, and realize he’s coping with his demons the best way he knows how at the moment. But since it’s #TransformationTuesday, let’s take a look back at Rob Kardashian during brighter days.


18 Pictures Of Rob Kardashian Looking Hot & Happy (PHOTOS)
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