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Was this all a publicity stunt? We may never know.

What we do know is the El Paso police department has finally freed “Trap Wiz” and just as Amber Rose’s hubby promised, he released his latest project 28 Grams shortly after his release.

It’s a little ironic how it all went down – in short, Wiz was at a Texas airport where TSA found “a green leafy substance” in his possession and handed him over to local police.

He was held for several hours, which put his scheduled performance at Minnesota’s 2014 Soundset festival in jeopardy, but he was eventually let go (and charged with possession of .5 grams of marijuana) and made it to his show on time via private jet.

He shared the above photo, and tweeted this (amongst other things):

And it did.

Check out 28 Grams, which features 28 songs, below.


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