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Today in “Stories from Florida,” we have a Floridian who beat his brother with a marijuana plant and another who peed on a man’s lawn and shot him when he complained about it.

We can’t make this stuff up.

Weed Wacker:

Florida man Rodney Brown was arrested over the weekend after allegedly beating his brother with a spiky marijuana plant at the home they share.

Brown, 31, got into a verbal altercation with his brother Jackie, 33, on Saturday night, according to WPTV 5. Jackie told police that Rodney then “uprooted several cannabis plants in varying lengths up to three feet” from their backyard and hit him in the face with them.

Rodney was arrested on charges of domestic battery and cultivation and possession of marijuana after cops found 10 marijuana plants and drug paraphernalia on the property. It appears Jackie was not charged.

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 Florida Wasteland:

A Miami man who decided to release his waste on the lawn of a homeowner is in jail after shooting that homeowner for complaining.

Gilberto Martinez, 28, was arrested on Thursday after the urination incident that happened back on March 9.

According to Miami Police, the victim, Jose Diaz Martinez, who isn’t related to Gilberto Martinez, spotted the suspect urinating in front of his home in the 1800 block of Southwest 3rd Street.

When Jose Martinez confronted Gilberto Martinez and told him to stop and leave, an argument ensued. At one point, Gilberto Martinez pulled out a firearm and shot the victim several times in the torso, police said.

The suspect also pointed the gun at a witness before he fled the scene, police said. He admitted to the shooting after his arrest, police said.

He is facing an attempted second-degree murder charge in the shooting.

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