It’s no secret that Shia LaBeouf may have had the most difficult past few years of his young life. 

Whether his antics are a cry for help or strictly for publicity, no one knows for sure. But what we do know is that Shia is a talented actor who’s got various hit films under his belt, including Transformers and Indiana Jones.

Although we love LaBeouf, we can’t ignore the fact that his behavior has been rather erratic the last couple of years, even Jaden Smith reached out with some of his quintessentially wise words. In honor of his 28th birthday, we put together a list of Shia’s most memorable, wacky, and WTF moments.

Besides, everyone goes a little crazy at one point or another, right?

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - Germany Premiere

1. Shia revealed that he ‘hooked up’ with Megan Fox while they were filming Transformers, but never stated whether or not Fox was with husband Brian Austin Green at the time.

When asked about Fox and Green’s relationship, LaBeouf oddly repeated, “I don’t know, I don’t know,” about 15 times.

Shia LaBeouf "IAmSorry Art Installation

2. #IAMSORRY Art Display 

Shia LaBeouf sitting in an empty room and crying with a paper bag over his head in the name of art is probably even too weird for Shia himself.

'Nymphomaniac Volume I (long version)' Premiere at 64th Berlinale

3. Shia hit the red carpet at the International Film Festival Berlinale wearing a paper bag over his head that said “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE,” just days after tweeting the same bizarre sentiment. His new mantra, perhaps?

Shia LaBeouf braves the rain to grab a cup of coffee to-go

4. His lengthy Twitter posts that no one understands.

Some celebs shouldn’t have instant access to social media; Shia may be one of them. In one of his many confusing rants, he went on and on about the problem with American artwork and claims that “we are becoming a cut and paste society,” which is weird coming from someone caught plagiarizing. He also had Twitter beef with Lena Dunham.

Premiere Of The Weinstein Company's "Lawless" - Red Carpet

5. His attempt to retire from celebrity life.

Shia claimed to be retiring from his public life, but for some reason, it doesn’t look like he’s really keeping his end of the deal.

'The Neccessary Death of Charlie Countryman' Premiere - BMW At The 63rd Berlinale International Film Festival

6. Taking LSD for a movie role.

For his role in the movie The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, Shia decided to take a little acid. His co-star Rupert Grint revealed that he smashed things and got naked.

"The Company You Keep" Premiere - 69th Venice Film Festival

7. Plagiarizing his debut film.

The hype around Shia LaBeouf’s directorial debut was overshadowed by the fact that his film was plagiarized and copied from comic Daniel Clowes.

64th Berlinale - photocall Nymphomaniac

8. He plagiarized his apology for plagiarizing.

There’s nothing more outrageous than posting a plagiarized apology for plagiarizing someone’s work. Oh, Shia.


9. Intentionally crashing into a neighbor’s car.

In an interview with GQ, LaBeouf revealed that he got out a knife, brought along a friend, and hit up the guy’s apartment as well, where he was allegedly jumped by six dudes before the cops showed up. The story that the victim told the police is a completely different one. Shocker.

10. Getting arrested for trespassing at Walgreens.

LaBeouf being arrested for assault or disorderly conduct isn’t surprising to us. But getting arrested for trespassing at Walgreens is a completely new form of WTF.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Wenn, Twitter

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