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Think Like A Man Too hits theaters June 20th, so we thought we’d break down the reasons thinking like a man can sometimes come in handy.

In general, men are these assertive, straight to the point, fix-it kind of creatures that thrive in entrepreneurship and corporate America, so adopting some of their characteristics couldn’t hurt…could it?

Not only will sometimes thinking like the guys help in our business meetings, it’ll help in our relationships, because let’s face it…we don’t get them and they don’t get us, so maybe it’s time we take a walk in their shoes and attempt to understand where they’re coming from.

We’re not saying women aren’t flawless (because we are), but if we’re going to be dealing with men at our jobs, in our homes, and elsewhere, knowing how their brains are wired can only help.

Below are some more reasons why it’s important to Think Like A Man Too.

1. Nothing is better than the look on his face when you don’t meet the stereotype.

2. Understanding the ways of a man will give you a better chance at weeding out the losers and finding the winners.

3. Because thinking like a man means dropping knowledge on any subject at any given moment. You have the best of both worlds.

4. Like men, you can spot any B.S. that comes your way. Goodbye drama, hello chill mode.

5. Control is a great thing. You’re able to steer the love boat wherever you want.

6. Sometimes ladies over-think things. Take a chapter out of the book of Drake and don’t ever respect assumptions, babe.

7. You’ll see that having options isn’t so bad after all.

8.  You can do silly things and not even think twice about them.

9. Being cocky does wonders for men. Own your confidence.

Make sure you take your new skills to the theaters as you catch Think Like A Man Too on June 20th!

PHOTO CREDIT: Giphy, Tumblr