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Started from YouTube…now he’s here!

After turning heads with his covers of Frank Ocean and Justin Bieber songs, 17-year-old Anthony Lewis is currently gracefully transitioning from YouTube sensation to major label artist. And he’s made at least one powerful friend along the way– namely, Sage the Gemini.

After dropping a viral music video for his remake of Soul For Real’s 1994 R&B hit single “Candy Rain,” Lewis now has remixed the song with “Gas Pedal” rapper, Sage the Gemini. With a sample of 2 Chainz‘s “I’m Different” twinkling away in the background, Lewis’s effortless silky voice, and Sage’s charismatic style, this new version is bound to make a splash. Expect to hear this track next time you go to the club.

Anthony Lewis’s debut album is expected to drop later this year. Check out his dope new track featuring Sage the Gemini below.

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