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Sigh…not this again.

Queens rapper Ja Rule has a new book coming out called Unruly. The book basically covers the Queens rapper’s entire life. So of course, the infamous beef he had with 50 Cent and G-Unit is covered. And it’s a doozy.

According to the NYDailyNews, in the book Ja Rule makes claims that 50 Cent snitched on him back in the day:

“When they (the feds) asked him who he thought had shot him, it would make sense that 50 would have said, ‘Ja Rule, Irv Gotti and Murder Inc.,’ ” writes Ja Rule, referring to a 2000 attack that left Fitty hospitalized with nine gunshot wounds.

50 Cent later said he never cooperated with law enforcement, even when they came to him trying to make a case against Ja Rule’s rap-mogul colleagues Irv “Gotti” Lorenzo and Irv’s brother Chris, who were eventually acquitted of laundering drug money through their label, Murder Inc., in 2005.

But Ja Rule, 38, claims that case couldn’t have been made without 50 Cent. “He secretly led them through his recordings for the answers they were looking for,” Ja Rule insists.

While not exactly friends, we thought the two patched things up awhile ago? This, along with the shots 50 Cent sent Ja’s way at Summer Jam, all point to no.

SOURCE: NYDailyNews | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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