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The countdown to the NBA Draft has begun! History will be made Thursday night, when 30 NBA teams pick and choose from the nation’s top college basketball prospects.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will have the No. 1 pick, making them the first team to have back-to-back No. 1 picks since the Orlando Magic back in 1992-93, and the first ever to pick in that spot three times in four years. The Cavaliers hit it big in 2011 with Kyrie Irving, who had a great rookie season before suffering from a hand injury. Last year when the Cavaliers drafted Anthony Bennett as their first pick, they weren’t so lucky.

This year’s draft class has a lot of star power that can greatly contribute to teams looking to go to the playoffs. Even with the second round prospects, there is tremendous talent and depth that can be translated into NBA starting star power.

And it wouldn’t be an NBA draft if the draftees didn’t show off the most dapper moments of their 2014 draft journey on Instagram. Check out some of the hottest prospects in their sleekest threads below.

Aaron Gordon all suited up and ready for his close up:

Tyler Ennis and Noah Vonleh striking a pose on set at the NBA Draft Lottery. Tyler’s bow tie — #Classic

Remember when Andrew Wiggins went all GQ on us?!

Joel Embiid rocking the polka dots. Navy is his color.

Doug McDermott keeping in sleek and simple.

Who said pink was out of style for men? Tyler Ennis is showing all of us how it’s done right here.

And of course, we can’t forget Jabari Parker. Showing up in style to give his BFF Joel Embiid some meds. You go, Jabari!

SOURCE: Bleacher Report  | PHOTOS: Instagram, Getty

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