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Sex is everywhere. In your favorite songs, in your favorite TV shows, and obviously, in your favorite movies. While music and television can get pretty steamy, no one does sex like Hollywood.

Whether it’s Sharon Stone forgetting her panties during an interrogation, or Jada Pinkett getting busy in a field of flowers, through the magic of Hollywood, movies have used sex and nudity as a way of putting us in the middle of some hot situations. So today, we highlight the hottest nude moments in movie history that cemented these actresses as some of the sexiest women in the world.

First up, Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball. Her hot love scene with Billy Bob Thornton was what everybody talked about in barbershops and even in hip-hop music. Jadakiss rhymed, “Why Halle had to let a white man pop her to win an Oscar.”

It was every little boy’s dream to see Demi Moore in Striptease. This was during a time when it seemed like Demi stopped wearing clothes all together.

After the success of the Scream series, Neve Campbell did a full-on makeout session with Denise Richards in the film Wild Things – which left us all wanting the girl from Party Of Five.

From A Bronx Tale to Belly, Taral Hicks was the chick. Her nude moments in the Hype Williams flick Belly cemented her as one of hip-hop’s favorites.

Take a look at the gallery below to check out some of the other hottest nude moments in movie history.

PHOTO CREDIT: Screenshot, YouTube

The Most Career-Defining Nude Moments In Movie History (PHOTOS)
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