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Getting inked may have been a taboo thing in the past, but today’s society embraces tats like they’re modern-day birth marks. With that said, anything seen as an act of rebellion almost always becomes something mainstream and trendy over time.

With celebrities like Rihanna and Justin Bieber getting inked all over–after all, they’re like the poster children for #TeamTatted–it’s no wonder why fans try to replicate their ink. One of Rihanna’s most famous tattoos is the trail of stars on the back of her neck that she got in 2008 to match her then-boyfriend Chris Brown’s star tattoo.

Star tattoos aren’t the only infamous ink trends that occurred throughout the years. When Megan Fox hit the scene back in 2003, everyone was focused on the perfectly drawn Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her arm. After that, people everywhere were hitting tattoo parlors just to get a realistic looking portrait inked on their own bods.

We’ve put together a gallery of the most infamous body art trends throughout the years. Did yours make the cut?

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16 Tattoo Trends Throughout The Years (PHOTOS)
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