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Marlon Wayans turns 42 today, and though he has an extensive acting career that goes back to the late ’80s, and is currently working on TBS’ Funniest Wins, he is often underrated as a comedian and actor.

Marlon’s bigger roles put him on the same list as other popular comics, but many of his smaller roles also deserve attention. Here’s a look back at Marlon‘s best roles, like in the classic White Chicks, and also some of his roles you may have forgotten.

9. White Chicks

Marlon‘s role alongside his brother Shawn as undercover cops may be their biggest roles to date, and with good reason, the film is hilarious and absurd.

8. The Wayans Bros.

His other most popular role has to be in the sitcom The Wayans Bros. The show he shared with his brother was basically a classic, which is why it was able to last 4 years.

7. In Living Color

His stint on his brothers’ show didn’t last long, but we got an early look at his comedic delivery.

6. Don’t Be A Menace to South Central While Drinking your Juice in the Hood

This parody of all the hood films that came out in the ’90s is considered one of the best parodies out, and starred Marlon as Loc Dog, the crazy best friend of Ashtray, played by Shawn.

5. Mo’ Money

Marlon played the brother of his real life older brother Damon, and for this to be one of his first films, he brought the funny.

4. Above The Rim

In another often forgotten role, Marlon plays the comic relief Bugaloo in the film about a troubled basketball player that also starred Tupac.

3. Senseless

This is often one of his forgotten films, but this weird comedy continued to show his ability to lead a film.

2.The Sixth Man

This may have been a comedy, but Marlon’s acting ability was proved in this film alongside Kadeem Hardison.

1. Requiem For a Dream

In this film about addiction that also starred Jared Leto, Marlon Wayans surprised many when he gave the dramatic acting role of his career so far.

His impressing acting skills led to a screen test as the lead in a Richard Pryor biopic, and now that Nick Cannon has come forth as the choice for the film, Richard Pryor‘s children actually believe Wayans would be a better fit.

Now with more than 20 years in the game, he definitely deserves the bigger roles.

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