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Many people were left stranded after a mudslide cut off power in Southern California. About 500 people were trapped in church camp in Forest Falls and one person was declared dead in San Bernardino County after their car was swept off the road from the rain and mudslides. The rain has stopped, but six to eight feet of rock remain on some roads, hampering rescue efforts. [CNN]

A project involving the US sending Latin youths undercover to Cuba in efforts to inspire change in the country has been exposed. The operation began in 2009 as the youths posed as tourists and informants that spread HIV prevention tactics. As they traveled throughout the country, the youths were paid $5.41 an hour and didn’t have an effective escape strategy if they were caught. You can read about the Cuba ploy to provoke political change here. [AP]

Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins has lifted the water ban that abruptly left citizens without any water over the weekend. The ban was given without warning after tests showed a high amount of microcystin, most likely from algae in nearby lakes. The lake supplies water to over 11 million people. [ABC News]

Now that your thirst is quenched, prepare for this shocker. A man from Illinois is facing an attempted murder charge after trying to kill his roommate for eating three of his Chips Ahoy cookies. While the woman was using the bathroom, the angry 23-year-old banged on the door, threatening to kill her. She opened the door and he strangled her, throwing her in the tub and causing a nasty knot on her head. Allen Hall was later arrested and charged with attempted murder and aggravated domestic battery. [Huff Post]

Oh really? Texas Gov. Rick Perry is speaking out against immigration again and in the process making a fool of himself. The Republican politician recently told CNN’s “State of the Union” that the influx of unaccompanied minors crossing the border was a side issue. The main issue of the humanitarian crisis? The wave of criminals who have crossed the border. Read Perry’s comments here. [CNN]


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