UPDATE: 11:40 AM EST Dylann Roof‘s manifesto has allegedly surfaced online. In the horrifying document, the 21-year-old discusses the moment his perspective on race relations changed, citing Trayvon Martin‘s death as his turning point. He reportedly wrote: “How could the news be blowing up the Trayvon Martin case while hundreds of these black on White […]

Remember when Texas Gov. Rick Perry was indicted on two felony charges last Friday? Yesterday the Republican politician was forced to turn himself in and yes, take a mugshot. Or a photograph for a campaign poster. We really can’t tell. The booking process only took 10 minutes, letting Perry get back to denouncing the charges […]

Many people were left stranded after a mudslide cut off power in Southern California. About 500 people were trapped in church camp in Forest Falls and one person was declared dead in San Bernardino County after their car was swept off the road from the rain and mudslides. The rain has stopped, but six to eight […]


President Barack Obama is working to reform immigration, but he first must address the issues at the border between Texas and Mexico, which have been deemed a humanitarian and political crisis. According to White House officials, Obama sent a team to Texas to determine the need for the U.S. National Guard’s presence. The team, made up of […]

Despite original numbers that had weekend shootings in Chicago at 40, police confirm that at least 47 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend, five of which were fatal, according to statistics released by the Chicago Police Department. The deaths included an 11-year-old girl, who was shot while attending a sleepover in Chicago’s South Side. Read […]

President Obama is no stranger to the fist-bump. He does it with his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama. He does it with awkward politicians before he delivers the State of the Union address. And apparently he hands them out when someone makes a really great joke. That’s just what happened during the President’s trip to […]

Talk about petty. In a gesture that suggests the President of the United States isn’t worthy, Texas Gov. Rick Perry will refuse to shake Obama’s hand when Air Force One lands in Austin on Wednesday. The governor’s office says Perry asked instead to meet in private to discuss the high number of unaccompanied children arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border […]

As if his all-out war on women’s reproductive rights wasn’t enough to make you cringe, Texas Governor Rick Perry is sticking his foot in his mouth yet again. During a talk with the Commonwealth Club of California, Perry drew a ridiculous comparison between alcoholism and homosexuality. His comments come after Texas’ Republican Convention sanctioned platform language on […]

  Former Republican Presidential candidate and Texas Gov. Rick Perry does not stand behind a secession petition filed with the White House by a Lone Star State resident in the aftermath of the presidential election. STORY: Really?! Residents In 15 States Want To Secede In The United States As many as 25 states across America have signed […]

Unsupported rumors that super conservative Texas Governor Rick Perry was gay have circulated for years.   VIDEO: Go Head Bubba! Bill Clinton Crushes Mitt Romney’s 47 Percent Claim However, when Huffington Post writer Jason Cherkis threatened to publish an account about the Christian Republican’s homosexual encounters, Perry’s aide threatened to sue HuffPo’s mother company AOL.  A new ebook by Texas Tribune Reporter Jay […]

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is calling it quits and will abandoning his presidential bid for the White House. STORY: Who Is Rick Perry? Everything You Need To Know About The GOP Presidential Candidate According to Republican officials, Perry will bounce from the race and endorse his boy Newt Gingrich. STORY: OOPS! Rick Perry Forgets Voting […]


Simply known for her radiant smile and bubbly personality, the famed actress Brittany Murphy will be remembered for her talent and her amazing personality. She made us feel like we knew her and she was real. I was first introduced to her in a cult classic film ‘Clueless’ where even as a supporting actress she […]