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The Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan separation is getting messier.

New photos obtained by TMZ allegedly show Nicole Murphy locked in an embrace with retired NBA star Jim Jackson. According to their sources, Nicki and Jim had a secret fling while on vacation in early July – a fling Michael knew nothing about.

Snitches who were at the same hotel as the secret lovers say they were hugging, kissing, and definitely affectionate.

Sources close to the exes tell us … Nicole had gone to P.R. with some girlfriends, and just happened to run into Jim — an old friend — and even though they “hung out” … it was nothing serious.

We’re told Michael knew Nicole was taking the trip with her GFs, but was not aware anything went on with Jackson.

Here’s the kicker, this is around the same time Nicole claims she caught the Hall of Fame baller cheating. Nicole is telling people that when she hooked up with Jim, she and Michael were “on a break,” but didn’t think their relationship was over.

Stay tuned for more info on the split as it becomes available.


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