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Israel & Hamas have reached a truce despite the many negations still in limbo. The truce was announced on Tuesday with Hamas citing it as a “victory.” Israel has lowered the blockade on Gaza, opened border crossings for aids to enter and has also expanded the fishing limit to 6 miles off the coast. Both parties have headed back to Cairo to discuss a concrete truce to the war that has killed over 2,200 people. [CNN]

Police and the USC administrators are looking into Josh Shaw’s heroic story of breaking his ankles to save his seven-year-old nephew from drowning. Southern California coach Steve Sarkisian says he believes Shaw’s story, but some of the details aren’t adding up. Shaw claims he was at a family party when he broke his ankles jumping off a two-story balcony to save his nephew. [Huff Post]

Oh, Florida. A 911 dispatcher has been suspended after failing to help a woman’s child who was stuck in a hot car. Shana Dees said her 10-month-old son was playing with her car keys when she strapped him in his car seat, after closing the door, her son accidentally pressed the lock button and was trapped in the car for over 5 minutes. After calling 911, the dispatcher said that it wasn’t an emergency. Luckily, a pedestrian walked by and smashed Dees’ window to free her son. [ABC News]

We all have a craving for chocolate, including one hungry supermodel. Roosmarijn de Ko, a Dutch model was accused of petit larceny after trying to steal three chocolate bars and swiping a bottle of fish oil from a Whole Foods in New York. Her lawyer says that the 19-year-old is innocent and simply forgot to pay for the items after she put them in her bag. Hmm.. [Gawker]