Israel & Hamas have reached a truce despite the many negations still in limbo. The truce was announced on Tuesday with Hamas citing it as a “victory.” Israel has lowered the blockade on Gaza, opened border crossings for aids to enter and has also expanded the fishing limit to 6 miles off the coast. Both […]

Just one day after rapper Common took to the VMA stage to lead the audience in a moment of silence for slain teenager Michael Brown, Kerry Washington referenced the police shooting during a red carpet pre-show at the Emmy Awards. When asked how she felt about the possibility of becoming the first African-American to win […]

In a matter of hours, a temporary cease-fire in Gaza is set to expire, but Egypt is working with the Israelis and Palestinians to extend the harboring deadline. According to CNN, an Egyptian government official told reporters that negotiations between Israel and Hamas have been intense, but they are hoping to extend the cease-fire that […]

A three-day truce in Gaza ended Friday when two rockets landed in southern Israel after being fired by Hamas, according to the Israeli Defense Forces. In response, Israel launched air strikes across Gaza. Egyptian-mediated talks to extend the 72-hour truce in war-torn Gaza failed, although Palestinian factions said they would meet with mediators later to resume talks. So far, […]

During a news conference with reporters at the State Department Wednesday, President Obama said he has “no sympathy” for the Palestinian group Hamas, but did mention he sympathizes with the people of Gaza. Hamas is group fighting with the Israeli military in war-torn Gaza. They have been labeled as a terrorist organization by the United States. […]

After a second cease-fire was announced this morning between Israel and Gaza, Israelis began pulling troops from Gaza, while mediators in Cairo will try to reach a peace deal with both sides. According to the AP, the announcement of a 72-hour break in fighting was made at 8 a.m. If the let-up continues, it will […]

On Thursday night near the Kalandia checkpoint located in the West Bank, some 10,000 Palestinians protested and threw rocks at Israeli security forces in response to the fatal shelling of a United Nations school. The protestors, demonstrating in support of Hamas and its conflict with Israel, poured into the streets when Israeli security forces opened […]


The Palestinian death toll continues to rise as the Israeli military escalates its ground offensive attacks. On Monday, the Palestinian death toll reached 508 – according to Gaza Health officials – after a second week of senseless violence. Diplomatic efforts to negotiate a ceasefire have intensified amid the mounting pile of civilian corpses. In New York, the U.N. Security […]