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Rejoice! The centuries-old ban that has blocked gay groups from marching in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC has been lifted. The group, which appears to be an ally group between LGBT and straight employees at NBC Universal, applied to march and was approved by parade officials. The parade, which falls on March 17, was the center of controversy in years past, as LGBT groups weren’t allowed to march. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio vowed not to participate and Guinness Beer dropped their endorsement because of the outlandish ban. [AP]

Apparently, the father of Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz thinks that the average African-American doesn’t understand the point of minimum wage. During the August Western Williamson Republican Club meeting, Rafael Cruz stated that black people need to be educated on Democrats so they can be more inclined to vote Republican. He reiterated his comments on minimum wage by saying, “the average black does not” understand that minimum wage is bad. If undermining the intelligence of race was the goal of his discussion, then it was clearly achieved. [BuzzFeed

An argument with a relative caused a tragic murder-suicide in Greenville, South Carolina this week. Following a dispute with his stepfather, 23-year-old Evan Casey Bennet shot and killed him, two security guards, and wounded another officer before turning the gun on himself on Monday. Police labeled the tragic shooting as a “senseless thrill killing.” [Huff Post

Tracey Lynn Garner has been sentenced to life in prison following the death of Karima Gordon, to whom she gave lethal butt injections. Gordon lost her life after getting the shots from Garner in 2012. The woman was referred to Garner by exotic dancer Pebbelz Da Model, who is serving seven years for her role in the woman’s death. Garner will also stand trial for another woman who died in her care back in 2010. [Jezebel

Pharmacy chain CVS has decided to pull the plug on tobacco sales three weeks earlier than anticipated. The company released a statement this morning dropping all tobacco products from their shelves. CVS will also go by CVS Health in the corporate world and begin a program to help smokers in the process of quitting. The company reportedly made $2 billion a year off tobacco sales alone. [USA Today]


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