American Apparel has launched the "Make America Gay Again" campaign in honor of Pride Month.

Chris Brown is ending the summer with a positive bang. The crooner has been squashing beefs and making grown-up moves all week – from settling his beef with Gay Pride Weekend promoters, to gaining joint custody of his daughter Royalty. According to reports, Breezy has squashed things with the ATL Black Gay Pride booking agency, which […]

Rejoice! The centuries-old ban that has blocked gay groups from marching in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC has been lifted. The group, which appears to be an ally group between LGBT and straight employees at NBC Universal, applied to march and was approved by parade officials. The parade, which falls on March 17, was […]

In response to a disturbing video of a young man’s family disowning him after he announced he was gay, the internet rallied together to raise $93,765 in living expenses for the 20-year-old. Daniel Ashley Pierce was kicked out of his home and told by family members that they would no longer provide for him because […]

President Obama is no stranger to the fist-bump. He does it with his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama. He does it with awkward politicians before he delivers the State of the Union address. And apparently he hands them out when someone makes a really great joke. That’s just what happened during the President’s trip to […]


There was a sea of rainbows and good vibes this weekend as Pride Week kicked off around the nation. Gay Pride parades on Sunday drew huge crowds of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people, along with their supporters, all of whom gathered to celebrate unity, inclusion, and a year of same-sex marriage victories. Close to one million […]

The Texas Republican Party is endorsing a ridiculous and controversial psychological treatment that turns gay people straight. And yes, this is a thing. The new anti-gay platform survived a key vote Thursday afternoon in Fort Worth at the Texas Republican Convention. Under the new platform the Texas Republican Party will “recognize the legitimacy and efficiency of counseling, which offers reparative therapy and […]

Students who gathered for the second annual Pride Day at Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington D.C. were in for a major surprise when principal Pete Cahall stepped up to the microphone to address the crowd. “I am a proud gay man that just happens to be the principal of Woodrow Wilson High School.” Cahall, whose announcement […]

Michael Sam was met with nothing but love and joy last night during halftime at the University of Missouri’s football game against Tennessee. As he may become the first openly gay NFL player after coming out last week, fans and friends have been welcoming the NFL prospect’s courage with open arms and most recently, a […]