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The Texas Republican Party is endorsing a ridiculous and controversial psychological treatment that turns gay people straight.

And yes, this is a thing.

The new anti-gay platform survived a key vote Thursday afternoon in Fort Worth at the Texas Republican Convention. Under the new platform the Texas Republican Party will “recognize the legitimacy and efficiency of counseling, which offers reparative therapy and treatment for those patients seeking healing and wholeness from their homosexual lifestyle.”

“I really beg my social conservative colleagues to let this issue go,” said Rudy Oeftering, Vice President of the gay Republican group Metroplex Republicans. “It’s your opinion. It’s your belief–but it’s my life.”

The restorative therapy platform was pushed at the behest of Cathie Adams, a Dallas tea party powerhouse and former chairwoman of the Texas Republican Party. Adams says that she was helped by a man who treated her with such therapy:

“He knows what he’s talking about. He is one of those who has benefited,” Adams said. “I think the majority of Texans feel that way too. It’s not like this is mandatory. This is only a voluntary program.”

The full GOP Convention, of about 10,000 delegates, will take a final vote on the platform Saturday. And now we have further proof that members of the GOP have officially lost their minds.