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No one could ever forget the quick-witted Joan Rivers, and The New Yorker certainly captured that fact this weekend.

The magazine recently released their cartoon memorialization of the Fashion Police host, who passed away this week, and they did a great job of capturing Joan’s funny and sarcastic essence.

The cartoon, created by Benjamin Schwartz, shows Joan up in heaven, telling the gatekeeper:

“If this is a sentimental cartoon tribute, I’m gonna vomit.”

How very Joan.

Meanwhile, more cryptic evidence surrounding Joan’s death is emerging, including an old video of her talking about the possibility of her heart stopping while on stage or during surgery in 1985.

TMZ obtained the video, where Joan tells the talk show host:

“It scares the hell out of you. And when you go under, say for plastic surgeries and things like that … that’s when your heart can go out of kilter.”

The hospital where Joan had complications is speaking out about the throat surgery-gone-wrong, explaining that they were prepared for the worst.

TMZ reports:

Sources connected to the clinic tell us Joan’s room contained state of the art resuscitation devices … including a cardiac defibrillator and instruments to clear a patient’s blocked airway. As you’d expect … all the nurses and physicians are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, we’re told.

Further, we’ve learned the NY Health Dept has already visited the clinic to review documentation related to Joan’s case, and to interview staff members who treated Joan.

The review will, no doubt, include determining whether anesthesia was administered to Joan, and by whom. We’re told Yorkville employs in-house anesthesiologists who are board certified.

As far as Joan’s daughter Melissa Rivers, she had to say goodbye to her iconic mother yesterday morning in NYC, as Joan’s body was transported to the crematorium.

Along with her son, Melissa burst into tears watching her mother’s body being carried to the hearse, and then went up to the coffin to kiss it.

It’s an emotional video, so be prepared for some tears as you watch it above.


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