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Can you believe it’s been two decades since we all welcomed the Salinger siblings into our home?

Back in September of 1994, Fox premiered the touching drama Party Of Five, which launched the careers of stars like Neve Campbell, the super fetch Lacey Chabert, and the bodacious beauty Jennifer Love Hewitt. Now that the series is twenty years old, you’re probably thinking the same thing we were – where are they now?

The successful show wasn’t always a smash, though. The teen drama, which followed the trials and tribulations of five orphaned siblings, suffered from low ratings and after its first season, was slated for cancellation. In 1996, it was the surprise winner of the Golden Globe Award for Best Drama, making it one of the lowest rated shows ever to win the award.

Along with Campbell and Hewitt, we did our research and now we can tell you what the entire Salinger family is up to. If you’re in the mood for some ’90s nostalgia (and who isn’t?!), keep reading below.

The eldest Salinger, Matthew Fox, landed a leading role on the hit show Lost, and was also featured in the blockbuster World War Z. 

The alcoholic Bailey, played by Scott Wolf, is now a star on the TNT series Perception.

Besides being a hot mom, Jennifer Love Hewitt has had a successful film/TV career. Her latest work is a starring role on the hit drama Criminal Minds.

Lacey Chabert, aka Little Claudia, is all grown up. You may recognize her as being one of Regina George’s sidekicks in Mean Girls.

Neve Campbell has had a successful film and TV career, including her star-making turn in the Scream horror films. Her latest roles include features in Mad Men and Grey’s Anatomy.


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