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There are many kings and queens in this game. Kendrick Lamar is the King of New York, Kim Kardashian is the Queen of Selfies, Russell Simmons is the Yoga King, and of course, Drake is the King of Exes.

But allow me to introduce you to the next big king: The King Of The Photobomb. There is a bodyguard out there by the name of Stacks, and he’s protected all of your favorite celebs from Jay Z and Justin Bieber, to Rob Kardashian, and many more.

Last night, King Photobomb posted a gang-load of pictures doing what he does best numerous times over the years, and it’s actually freaking hilarious.

Get to know Stacks and his favorite pastime in the gallery below. And follow him on Twitter here.


Jay Z, Miguel, 50 Cent, & More Get Photobombed By Stacks, Their Bodyguard (PHOTOS)
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