Rapper/producer Detail is reportedly filing a lawsuit against Drake for allegedly siccing his bodyguards on him.

Kylie Jenner gets hated on from all angles but for the first time, things got physical. The reality TV star was making her way out of Chris Brown‘s concert in Anaheim when a fan aggressively pulled her hair, causing her head to snap back. Judging from her reaction, you can tell the snatch was painful. Fortunately, Kylie’s […]

There are many kings and queens in this game. Kendrick Lamar is the King of New York, Kim Kardashian is the Queen of Selfies, Russell Simmons is the Yoga King, and of course, Drake is the King of Exes. But allow me to introduce you to the next big king: The King Of The Photobomb. There is a bodyguard […]

We couldn’t imagine being 19-years-old and having to deal with the daily stress that Justin Bieber has on his plate. It seems the recent boycott against the superstar’s big move to ATL may have been with good reason, as his bodyguards allegedly got caught up in some trouble yesterday afternoon. According to TMZ: Justin rented […]

When will the Bieber drama end? Justin Bieber took his tour to Australia over the Thanksgiving holiday and while there, he decided to catch some waves in between performing for his fans. While taking surf lessons near Byron Bay in New South Wales, one fan got a rude awakening when he took pics of the […]

After dodging bullets in his Rolls Royce, Rick Ross has officially hired 24-hour security to protect him at all times.  DETAILS: Rick Ross Rolls Royce Crashes After Drive-By Shooting  According to TMZ, Rick Ross hired round the clock bodyguards to protect him from things like drive-by shootings, angry gang members, rogue groupies, and crazed fans.  […]


Worst parents ever? We believe so, two Salinas parents are facing felony child endangerment charges after being accused of trying to sell their 9-month-old daughter outside a Walmart store for $25. OMG, what in the hell is going on here? Parents like these need to be under the jail. Patrick Fousek, 38, and Samantha Tomasini, […]


Serious parental issues are on the table today as one 11 month old baby in Florida was captured in a snapshot smoking a bong causing a frenzy in the media.  The innocent and oblivious baby is seen shockingly accustomed to such an adult vice.  The baby’s mother wants to remain unnamed but this Florida mother […]


A crazy dad chained his eight-year-old son to a lamppost and tried to auction him off to strangers. The father, Yong Tsui, offered the terrified child as a slave because he wanted him off his hands. How do you try and sell your son? He put up a table with a sign on it, giving […]


  This is a callabo we don’t usually see or hear. Fabolous & Plies hopped on this joint titled ‘Sell Dope’. I know your thinking it’s a a song about drugs but it’s not. The song explains how some people are so fresh and have so much money you would think they sell dope. This […]