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Kylie Jenner gets hated on from all angles but for the first time, things got physical.

The reality TV star was making her way out of Chris Brown‘s concert in Anaheim when a fan aggressively pulled her hair, causing her head to snap back. Judging from her reaction, you can tell the snatch was painful. Fortunately, Kylie’s bodyguards quickly came to the rescue and helped her get through the crowd.

Though she was attacked, King Kylie made sure to promote her new app by sharing a lusty throwback photo. Looking good, Kylie!

In case you missed it, Jessica Alba had a horrible run-in with Kylie’s bodyguards at a NYFW event last Sunday. Jessica detailed the moment she was “body checked” by the two guards during a Watch What Happens Live appearance.

After she caught wind of the incident, which you can read about here, Ky sent the famed actress and entrepreneur a beautiful flower tree. Check out Jessica’s response above.

Meanwhile, Ky’s bae Tyga is digging himself into a hole.

The 25-year-old rapper received a tax lien from the State of California, claiming that he owes nearly $20,000 in state taxes. According to TMZ:

$20k would ordinarily be chump change for a rapper at his level, but he already owes his landlord $70k in back rent, and has lawsuits piling up.

It’s also not the first time Uncle Sam has come after Tyga … the feds hit Tyga last year with a $100k delinquent bill.

Will Tyga rise from the ashes? Stay tuned.


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