When will the Bieber drama end?

Justin Bieber took his tour to Australia over the Thanksgiving holiday and while there, he decided to catch some waves in between performing for his fans.

While taking surf lessons near Byron Bay in New South Wales, one fan got a rude awakening when he took pics of the Biebs and his bodyguards snatched the phone.

The fan told RadarOnline:

“I was surfing in Byron Bay at a break called The Pass. When I was on my way back in, Justin Bieber and his entourage showed up. I simply thought I would take a few pictures for Instagram, but one of his bodyguards told me to delete the images. I told him to mind his own business, then another big bodyguard came up to me and assaulted me by wrestling my phone out of my hands.”

He went on:

“He took it and deleted my photos. Some other local surfers saw what happened and came to help me until I got my phone back.”

Unfortunately for the bodyguard, the altercation was all caught on tape. Though Justin Bieber was minding his own business in the ocean, he’s got to agree that he has some pretty obnoxious people working for him.

To check out the video, click here.

SOURCE: RadarOnline | PHOTO CREDIT: Wenn

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