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It looks like Amanda Bynes isn’t feeling too great again.

The former Nickelodeon star seemed to be doing much better in the past year after being put in a psychiatric ward and going back to school, but now she is back to behaving oddly.

According to TMZ, Amanda was seen arriving at LAX this week, where she was visibly high, talking to herself, and complaining about her life while putting on coats of makeup.

Before heading to the airport, she was also seen at Thousand Oaks hair salon in California, where she was acting odd according to sources.

Later, she arrived in NYC, where she sported a bandage on her face and it covered majority of her cheek.

TMZ reports:

As TMZ first reported, Bynes was spotted at LAX before her Thursday night flight and she was acting very strange. Unclear if she had the bandage in L.A.

People close to Amanda are saying … before they can take action to get her help, she has to pose a danger to herself or others. It’s possible this is a sign of that.

If her parents don’t step up, the only thing loved ones of Amanda can do is wait for her to actually become a danger to herself or others before she can receive help.

We pray that Amanda gets her health back on track, as her friends and family are reportedly very worried about her. See photos of her with a bandage on her face here.


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