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Just days before early voting is set to begin in Texas, a court of appeals has reinstated the state’s controversial voter ID law. The ruling was based on the deadline for early voting and was previously deemed unconstitutional by residents. The law requires residents to show a state-issued ID to vote. Previously, residents were allowed to show utility bills to prove their identities. [Texas Tribune]

As the protests in Hong Kong continue, many acts have been brought to light, including videos of police officers beating up pro-Democracy protestors. Over 40 protestors were arrested and pepper sprayed in the early hours of Wednesday morning for placing concrete slabs in front of a busy intersection. Footage obtained by protestors and newscasters show police standing directly in arm’s length of protestors, spraying them with pepper spray and kicking and punching protestors. The number of protestors has dropped dramatically, but their need for a free democracy remain the same. [Huff Post]

The Supreme Court has ruled that Texas cannot shut down abortion clinics…for now. Last week, the court ruled that some of the clinics would be shut down after the proposed law that clinics would require “ambulatory surgical centers” and employ doctors who already worked in the area. The changes will cost the clinics millions that they simply don’t have. Thirteen out of the 18 clinics were shut down in the process. [NYT]

Justice has been served to the teens who tricked an autistic teen into the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that doused him in feces, cigarette butts, and urine. A total of five teenagers who range in age from 14 to 16 years-old were identified. Three were charged with delinquency, assault, and disorderly conduct. Two others were charged with disorderly conduct. The teens are said to be friends of the autistic teen and admitted that their prank went a little too far. [Gawker]


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