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Jay Z is the definition of bawse.

Just a few days ago, he, Beyonce, and Blue Ivy were sightseeing in Paris when something amazing happened. On their way into the famed Louvre, Hov snapped back at a paparazzo in the best way possible after the pap asked who he was. Because, who, in our generation, doesn’t know who Jay Z is?

As the couple moves on to visiting art galleries in London this week, another bawse-ass Jay Z encounter was captured. It seems Hov thought a photographer (or just some dude standing on the sidelines) was trying to make a pass at his wife, and he wasn’t having it.

The man compliments Bey with: “You look fabulous, Beyonce.”

Turning to the guy and pointing his finger, Jay quips: “Watch that.”

Ha! Is Hov the jealous type? Check out the footage up above. Jay checks dude at the 0:55 mark.


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