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So this happened.

NASCAR racing turned a bit NHL on Sunday, when drivers Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski started throwing punches after Keselowski slammed into Gordon’s vehicle, leaving him with a flat tire.

From Yahoo Sports:

The impetus was Keselowski’s move to pass Gordon entering turn one on lap 336 of the 341 lap race. Keselowski, who restarted third behind race leader Jimmie Johnson, moved to the middle of the track to go inside Gordon, who restarted on the outside line in second, and the outside of Johnson. As Keselowski moved to the open space, Gordon came down, and the two drivers slammed into each other.

Bad move. Shortly after the two made contact, the violent brawl began. Punches were thrown. Keselowski was thrown to the ground by a member of Gordon’s team. Somehow Gordon ended up on the ground. And in the end, both walked away a bit bloody and bruised, but determined to tell their sides of the story.

“We were just racing for the win,” Keselowski said. “I didn’t wreck him. We were just racing hard. He left a hole and you know, everything you watch in racing, you leave a hole you’re supposed to go for it. He closed the hole back up, we made contact. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s day. I wanted to win the race and that was our opportunity. It just didn’t come together.”

“To [NASCAR], I’m sure it’s just a racing incident,” Gordon said. “But to me it’s just a bunch of crap. The kid is just doing stuff way over his head and I mean, that’s uncalled for. You’re racing for a win and a championship, you don’t go slap someone and cut their left rear tire. And if that’s what it takes, then no problem I can do the same thing back to him.”

Well, damn! Watch the entire fight below:

SOURCE: Yahoo Sports | VIDEO SOURCE: News Inc., YouTube