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Back in September, news broke that TJ Lane, the teenager who shot three of his classmates at Chardon High School near Cleveland, had escaped from prison, only to be caught shortly later.

Many wondered how he, along with a couple other inmates, had succeeded in their elaborate plan, and now it looks they’re techniques are being exposed.

A new video has surfaced showing the teen and another inmate using a makeshift ladder, that they created in the maintenance area of the prison, to get themselves over the barbed-wire fence.

The three inmates managed to jump 15 feet in order to get away from the prison premises, with one of the prisoners being caught within minutes, and Lane and another being caught a few hours later.

The three are now in a “superman” prison facility, with Lane serving a life sentence for the death of his three classmates.

See the video footage of their escape above.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | VIDEO CREDIT: NewsInc 

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