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The dreams are real over at Dreamville.

Just a few weeks ago, J. Cole unexpectedly announced the release date for his third studio album 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

The album, titled after the address of his childhood home in Fayetteville, North Carolina, is classic Cole. It’s fluid, introspective, combative, and unapologetically candid. And although J. Cole sought outside help on the album’s production this time around, it still encompasses his own natural tone.

Unfortunately, the album leaked a week early, but the reception has been overwhelming, with songs like “Fire Squad” and “Wet Dreamz” trending on Twitter off and on for the past two days.

You can always count on Cole to say some real sh*t, especially in hip-hop, where fallacies are glorified because of a respected cosign or a false pretense. But the harsh reality is sometimes…real life is just not that exciting.

When you need to hear the gospel, J. Cole always steps in at the right time. Whether harsh, controversial, or inspiring, we rounded up J. Cole’s most thought-provoking lyrics.

 2014 Forest Hills Drive will officially drop December 9 so make sure you go out and support him. #StayWoke with Cole below.

J. Cole’s Most Thought-Provoking Lyrics On “2014 Forest Hills Drive” (LIST)
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