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Yep, Lana Del Rey is indeed still young and still very, very beautiful. The brooding bombshell covers the second anniversary issue of Galore magazine, on which her brown eyes lined with a black cat-eye look as deep as her lyrics on love and heartbreak.

Inside, the Ultraviolence singer hits the road with her sister and interviewer Chuck Grant to tell us about how its Lil Kim she relates to the most right now, and how much she “fuck(s) with Azealia Banks” because of their similar artistic inclinations and taste in men.

It was her man, by the way—Francesco Carrozzini—who lensed Lana for the feature, which might explain why she appears so at ease in front of the camera, even when she’s at risk of ruining her fur coat by the Malibu beach waters. See some of Francesco’s shots below, along with excerpts from her interview.

On living in New York:

I loved New York. When I was there it was almost my sole source of inspiration, more than any other man, writer or rapper, but it’s harder for me to get around now. I used to take late night walks over the Williamsburg Bridge, go to all the 24 hour diners with $5 and beg the waiters to let me stay all night in exchange for the purchase of one giant slice of chocolate cake. I would sit for hours and read about interesting people like Karl Lagerfeld and listen to books on tape by Tony Robins to keep me company. I would take the D train to Coney Island, take the D train back to the Bronx where I lived on Hughes Avenue.

Why she thinks she’s criticized so often:

I choose to write about what I know. I choose not to discuss those stories any further than my music. It doesn’t make things easy for me publicly or in interviews and I do interviews because I believe the music is good enough for me to support it as best I can. Sometimes when the things you say and the way you look don’t add up- people are quick to label you as an impersonator or feel like you’re not entitled to the life experiences you’ve really lived. They’re not deep enough to intuit.

On struggling to find inspiration:

Talking about inspiration only makes sense when you’re talking to someone whose truly been inspired and created from that place. It’s difficult when I don’t feel inspired and it’s usually a sign that I’m not living right.

And does LDR have any plans for the future? “Not really.”

See the rest of her spread on Galore.


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