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What we’re about to tell you really happened.

It really fucking happened. So just know that when considering how our law enforcement officials really feel about the death of a 12-year-old boy gunned down for holding a toy gun. Or an 18-year-old unarmed boy shot in the middle of the street. Or a 43-year-old man strangled to death

Either way, understand that the St. Louis County Police Department weren’t victims of a hacker when they tweeted this about Tamir Rice, the child shot dead in Ohio for playing with said toy gun:

Kids will be kids? This should be interesting. Sounds like the start of a statement absolving officers from any wrongdoing when shooting and killing children, because you know, it’s really not their fault.

Oh. That’s exactly what it is. Thanks for the tips on how “to help your child respond appropriately.”

Not that little Tamir had ANY time to respond to anything within the 1.2 seconds he was shot, but moving on.

On the heels of two non-indictments of officers who fatally shot an unarmed child and an unarmed teenager, the St. Louis Police Department let us all know that they just don’t give a damn. Tell your kids to stop being kids, and we won’t shoot them.

Thanks for the message.

Note: Authorities removed the tweet and Facebook post that, apparently, was not authorized. Interesting.

SOURCE: Twitter, Facebook | PHOTO CREDIT: Handout, Facebook

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