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Santa, you’ve been a naughty boy.

Kris Kringle jumped into our hearts when we were kids as he gave us all the presents we wanted and even those tacky pajamas we didn’t even know we needed. He was the man who brought out the best of people. I mean, how can you describe how he tuned Grinch into a Christmas darling or Scrooge into a saint? He’s proven to be the most reliable –and jolly man ever.

But then something terrible happened.

Somewhere between the North Pole and dropping off presents in Wisconsin with Rudolph, Santa turned bad.

We mean really bad… robbing banks bad.

Our favorite hero has taken part in more crimes than we can count. We’re sure his elves tried to get him to turn over a new leaf, but it looks like it’s getting worse for Santa.

Check out some of the craziest crimes Santa has ever committed.

Word to the wise kids: Don’t worship your heroes.

 1. Santa Robs A Bank 


Santa was out for moola in 2009 when he robbed a SunTrust bank in Tennessee. The suspect stayed in full character as he pulled out a gun and demanded cash from the bank teller. The reason behind the robbery? He had to pay his elves.  [CBS News]

2. Santa Gets Drunk 

After someone switched Santa’s Egg Nog with coquito, Mr. Claus had a lot of trouble finding his sleigh in a mall parking lot. Good thing he gives up and waits from a ride from Mrs. Claus.

3. Drunk Santa Part Deux

A family was startled to find a drunken Santa on their lawn in Sparta, Wisconsin weeks before Christmas. After leaving a party, the jolly man ended up on Dockerty family lawn. Even the family’s 9-year-old daughter knew Santa had broken some rules. Santa was charged with an OWI and the family was scared forever. [WEAU]

4. Santa Shows Off His Mistletoe 

In 2005, Santa was arrested for criminal trespassing and flashing in 2005 when he wandered into a school in Massachusetts and dropped his pants. To make matters worse, Santa hit up a local mall just days before and flashed shoppers. Santa needs serious help, no? [Sea Coast Online]

5. Santa Pulls A Oceans’s Eleven Heist 

Okay, so Santa didn’t get away with millions of dollars, but he did manage to trick an office and rob them clean. In 2010, Santa headed over to Wamp NGA, a supplier of real estate and tech goods in Papua New Guinea with an unknown accomplice. The guys were able to entered the highly secured building because, Santa. After luring the employees into a room with the hopes of getting presents, Santa and his helped walked away with $20,000. [Herald Sun]

6. Santa Gets Arrested For Handing Out Coal 

Santa’s intentions were well, but his plan of giving out coal to employees of Tennessee Valley Authority backfired when he crashed their meeting. Mr. Claus targeted the coal company for allegedly contaminating the air and ruining forests for animals. How did Santa know this? Apparently, children wrote to him and complained about the company’s naughty ways. [Ranker]

7. Santa Mistakenly Kidnaps A Child 

Santa usually keeps us in check by telling us right from wrong. In this case, Santa’s morals went out the door when he was accused of kidnapping an eight-year-old girl from Augusta, Ga. The incident happened in 2006 when Santa was at a gas station. After meeting the little girl, he gave her a ride on his sleigh (motorcycle) prompting the child’s father to hop in his car and chase him down. After pulling over, Santa said he was caught up in “Santa Mode.” His apologizes didn’t help as he was arrested over the kidnapping. [WRDW]

8. Santa Shows His Mistletoe..Again

So that we know Santa likes to give people a peek of his other stocking, this story should be easy to digest. Santa was arrested in 2005 after flashing shoppers at the Mall at Rockingham Park. On top of his indecent exposure, he was also arrested for trespassing when he went to the Boston Children’s Hospital with a bag of condoms. Seriously Santa, get help. [Mandatory]

9. Santa Gets Arrested For Handing Out Chalk

Okay we’re going to have to side with Santa on this one. After handing out chalk to children, Santa was arrested by officers with the Texas Department of Public Safety for chalking the sidewalks. Parents slammed the officers for arresting Claus and even admitted to chalking the sidewalks with their children. The words written on the concrete were “Peace,” “Love” and the vile term, “Friendship.” [Huff Post]

10. Santa Protests Against Wal-Mart For Decent Pay 

Warehouse Workers United and Santa Claus came together to call out Wal-Mart for their low wages and claims of unfair working conditions in 2013. Unfortunately, Santa’s political stance left him behind bars when blocked an intersection with other protestors. The arrest left Santa unbothered as he tried to hand out candy canes to the police right before his arrest. [ABC News]

11. G-String Santa 

Santa was arrested on Black Friday for trying to enter a packed shopping center nearly naked at the Solomon Pond Mall. Dressed in nothing but a Santa hat, sneakers, and a scantily clad g-string Santa stood in line with shoppers just before doors opened at 12:30 am. Do better Santa.  [Telegram]

12. Santa Goes Rambo

 A bunch of Santas were caught on tape fighting during last year’s SantaCon in NYC. The fight starts with two Santas punching another Santa and then escalades into a full out Santa brawl. Either someone called Mrs. Claus out of her name or they fought over who had the best outfit. Your guess is just as good as ours. [YouTube]

13. Santa Robs Bank During SantaCon 

Police are looking for a man in a red suit and white beard, otherwise known as Santa who robbed a San Francisco Wells Fargo bank during the city’s SantaCon street party last week. Santa approached the teller window Saturday afternoon with a demand note in hand and walked away. Santa slipped into the crowd of hundreds of other Santas who were drinking and partying in Union Square. Booze and money is a win-win for Santa. [NY Daily News]

14. Santa Robs A Post Office 

 For the first time ever, Santa Claus will appear on a list of people who were naughty during the year.  Santa appeared to be more naughty than nice when he robbed a suburban post office in Melbourne, Australia. Santa demanded money from a female staff member who handed over a quantity of cash and he put the money in a red sack before walking out like a boss.

15. Santa Engages In Fisticuffs Over Mrs. Claus 

A fight over Mrs. Claus led to a shooting spree outside an event in downtown Detroit. Santa shot two men after having an argument over the sweet dame at a Detroit gas station. The two men argued outside of the store and began shoving each other.  Santa was run down on foot by off-duty cops who responded to the gunfire and was arrested. [NY Post]

PLUS: An Elf Flies Off The Shelf

This drunk elf fell way off the shelf and into a jail cell last week when he passed out at a Target in New Jersey. After throwing beer cans at a car, police took the elf into custody. Someone was following in  Santa’s naughty footsteps. [Gawker]